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Part of Something Bigger

These are “unprecedented times”. Okay, no doubt, you have heard that expression hundreds, if not thousands of times. 2020 has been the year of quarantine, isolation, separation, social distancing, mask wearing, etc. It is no surprise that there have been numerous instances of depression, feelings of loneliness, bouts of despair and other related maladies as a result of our physical, social, and personal separation. Our identities are even masked… by our masks. Our facial expressions are hidden, unable to be shared with our closest friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

Even in our churches, we have been isolated, separated, divided. Social distancing has put a halt to handshakes, high fives and hugs. Online services have divided us even further, by putting city blocks and country miles between members of the Family of God. It is under these conditions, that it becomes easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, to focus only on “lil’ ol’ us”, to feel that we are alone, small, insignificant, inconsequential, and of no value.

When we have an opportunity to visit another church in the faith, or even, as we have opportunity this week, to join the live stream of the General Conference of the United Pentecostal Church, it is these types of events, that help to remove the blinders from our eyes (i.e. “masks”) so we can begin to see beyond ourselves. We can then be reminded that we, though we be small, isolated and distant, are a part of something vibrant, alive and growing! How encouraging it was for me to listen to the Global Missions minister tell about revivals springing up all over the globe!

To take this idea a step further, the denomination, or organization, we happen to belong to, is only one of numerous fellowships on our planet that ascribe to the same Biblical truths we do! We are not alone! We are truly a part of Something Bigger! The Body of Christ transcends denominational boundaries! If you believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to how the Holy Apostles preached and taught it in the Book of Acts (and by the way, since they spent three and a half years attending Jesus University, I think they understood His Teachings!), you are a part of this Great Church! If, for whatever reason, your Christian Traditions differ, it is not too late to lay aside those traditions, to embrace His Gospel!

The Apostle Paul, in his first letter to the church at Corinth, felt pressed to remind those in that church that they were part of something bigger than themselves. They were part of a body. Members of a body. There were eyes, ears, feet, hands, and of course, he mentioned the “uncomely parts” (I Corinthians 12:13-27). One of the take-aways of that passage is that while we may feel insignificant and maybe even unnecessary, we are indeed vital to the body! And, that body is made up many, many members!

Lift up your eyes, look beyond your isolation. Look beyond your computer or phone screen. Look past your tablet window. You belong to something huge!

Pastor V

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