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Here at Landmark Gospel Church, we believe it's about the people not necessarily the building.  You will find people of like minds and of different personalities, and that's what the church family should be made of.  We think that among the people here, you will find a friendly group of diverse believers in Jesus Christ.  The mission of Landmark Gospel is all about directing people to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as well as with the family of God. 


Here are some things you can expect to see at Landmark Gospel:

  • Expect anointed, passionate and easy to understand preaching/teaching

  • Expect a mix of contemporary christian and old style gospel music that will touch your heart and soul

  • Expect to see people engaged in worship and prayer

  • Expect to see friendly people from every age group

  • Expect to feel the power, presence and love of God

  • Expect to enjoy wholesome, family oriented recreation

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